Airport Survival Skills: 5 Methods To Find The Best Airport Food

Airport Survival Skills: 5 Methods To Find The Best Airport Food
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My first choice is typically to bring food with me, even though the TSA has banned liquids, you can still bring everything from pizza to cheese cake through security. Also remember that carrying on food that you plan to eat during the flight doesn’t count towards your one bag and one personal item carry-on limit. That being said, airport food has been improving (with a special nod to JetBlue’s Terminal 5 at JFK) so if you have to eat and fly, here’s how to find the best bets at your airport.

  1. GateGuru Mobile App has complete terminal maps and user reviews of all restaurants. (Free)
  2. Yelp has more and more airport reviews these days but is hardly a complete list. Pickup the mobile app for easier access.
  3. Foodspotting shows you pictures of dishes in restaurants near you, which is a lot more fun than reading reviews. Plus their a woman-founded startup.
  4. Airport Dining Guides give the top 5 restaurants in 25 terminals. Including JFK, LGA, and Newark
  5. Delish’s Best Airport Food Across the U.S. article.

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