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15 of the Most Powerful Women In the Weed Industry

15 of the Most Powerful Women In the Weed Industry

Jazmin Hupp is one of the co-founders of Women Grow (along with fellow list-er Jane Wes). Founded in Denver, Colorado, in August 2014, Women Grow holds networking events in 45 cities across the United States and Canada for the sole purpose of allowing those (especially women, obviously) interested in the cannabis industry to connect with and meet others to help them build and create their dream. “It’s a really great industry for women which is absolutely the truth, but it isn’t a story that would be necessarily the case without us,” says Hupp, of the organization she helped created.

When asked what advice she’d give to other women looking to break into the industry, she answered without pause: “Move to California.” If you’re interested in the cannabis industry but not quite ready to pack up your bags, Hupp advises attending Women Grow’s annual summit. This year’s conference takes place in February in Denver: “There’s no other time when we bring over 1,000 women in cannabis.”



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October 10, 2017

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