Opportunities for California North State Tourism

Opportunities for California North State Tourism

ANDERSON, California — An influential businesswoman in the nation’s growing cannabis industry told a room full of North State tourism operators and leaders that the area’s outdoor brand could be a big draw for the pot consumer.

Speaking at Wednesday’s Shasta-Cascade Wonderland Association Tourism Summit, Jazmin Victoria Hupp, who co-founded Women Grow, said marijuana users tend to like the outdoors and are looking for more opportunities to get outside.

“I think you have the ability to make a value proposition to somebody who wants to come out and hike … and enjoy themselves, eat great food, enjoy craft beers and also consume a little cannabis,” said Hupp, who Forbes in 2015 named as one of the top businesswomen in the cannabis industry. “This is a place where you can do this, just like totally awesomely.”

But Hupp, who lives in the Bay Area, said the potential economic benefits of cannabis on the North State could be huge. She told the gathering at the Gaia Hotel in Anderson that by 2021, there will be an estimated 99,000 cannabis-related jobs in California.

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April 16, 2016

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