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People researching the legal marijuana industry often ask me how to get started in the Cannabis industry. These are the resources I read to stay up to speed on current Cannabis culture. Try using an RSS reader, like Feedly, to create a news dashboard of all these sites instead of visiting them individually.

Cannabis Industry Reads

  • Canna Law Blog: This is a must-read for current analysis of the changing marijuana industry landscape in real time.
  • Marijuana Business Daily: The oldest cannabis industry news source and the only completely editorial independent.
  • Marijuana Today Podcast: Weekly podcast with the latest business news and politics discussed by friends of the ArcView group.

Current Cannabis News & Opinion

  • Huffington Post’s Medical Marijuana Section: Broad selection of popular web articles.
  • MJ Headline News: The media arm of the Marijuana Business Association, based out of Seattle.
  • The Cannabist: The Denver Post’s dedicated marijuana news site with culture, reviews, and food.
  • Cannabis Now: I subscribe to their print edition as well.
  • Marijuana SubReddit: I’m not a fan of Reddit as a community but they do surface some great links early.
  • The Weed Blog: Interesting range of original articles.
  • High Times: You know High Times already and it’s worth keeping tabs on. Avoid their mobile site, which values their link farm so highly that it’s barely readable.

The Legalization Movement

It is important to understand legalization across America on the road to growing the cannabis industry. Donate your time, money, and some attention to this.

Leave any sites you recommend adding to this list in the comments. Thanks!