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Why Simple Web Copywriting Wins Every Time

Improving your web copy is a quick and cost-effective way to boost conversions. Learn why brilliant and bi-lingual visitors appreciate simple writing.

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How To Create A Responsible & Effective Cannabis Brand

The first annual Cannabis Business Summit wrapped up today with an overview of how Cannabis companies should shape their brand and marketing strategies. Taylor West, Deputy Director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, led a session with Kali & Bridget from Agent 64. Culture Movements Are Not Marketing Gimmicks...

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How You Can Create a Cannabis Industry We Can All Be Proud Of

Aaron Smith, co-founder and executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, reminded us that before cannabis was an industry, “we were a social movement, and we still are a social movement.” The legalized states are leading the way for what general use cannabis will look like after prohibition ends....

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Why Cannabis Businesses Will Do So Much More Than Just Make Money (Cannabis Business Summit)

The Cannabis Business Summit was opened by Troy Dayton, CEO of the Arcview Group, who spoke about the long road to Cannabis legalization. When he started with the Marijuana Policy Project and founded Students for Sensible Drug Policy, the future of Cannabis was not so clear. Today, Cannabis is legal for medical use in 23 states and...

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Prioritizing Product Features for Cannabis Companies

Whether you’re starting a MMJ dispensary or edibles brand: cannabis product feature strategy will be vital to your success.

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How to Name Your Cannabis Business

Jun 19, 14 How to Name Your Cannabis Business

Posted by in Branding, Cannabis Brands, Features

7 principles to remember when naming your cannabis business. If you’re opening a dispensary or cooking up an edibles brand, make sure to read this first.

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7 Strategy Shifts to Save Local Retail

Traditional retail is being challenged in a era of eCommerce. With 69% of consumers (who purchased electronics last year) buying electronics online, no one has it worse than electronics stores. I recently spoke at the Apple Specialist conference to over 100 Apple sales & service center businesses owners. I shared with them the...

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