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10 People Fighting for Cannabis Legalization You Need to Know

10 People Fighting for Cannabis Legalization You Need to Know

by Hadley Tomicki

As more states go green, enjoying unprecedented access to decriminalized cannabis, it can be easy to forget the legion of outspoken voices that have publicly battled to get us to this encouraging point. Activists in a multitude of realms continue to dig in and fight for those in the U.S. who are still under the threat of arrest or imprisonment for simple possession of a plant that can be therapeutic and recreational. They oppose a system that doesn’t care about people—or worse, profits from their pain. So today we’re raising a big spliff to a handful of critical cannabis activists you should be familiar with. They are generals leading the charge for legalization, justice reform and widespread access to the herb that we love. Giving them our support is the surest path to victory.

Who: Jane West and Jazmin Hupp
What: Founders, Women Grow
How: West and Hupp’s Denver-born Women Grow is said to be the industry’s largest cannabis networking organization. Eyeing the end of pot prohibition, the networking, speaking events and educational programs it organizes across North America seek to encourage, instruct and empower female ganjapreneurs (and male entrepreneurs committed to inclusivity) in over 30 U.S. and Canadian cities. Uniting various satellites as a combined force, Women Grow strives to ensure women their well-deserved place in the green rush.



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June 29, 2018

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